Consultation Fees

• Adult- R400 Kids R300
• Cash and Medical Aid Accepted

Payment Method

We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and debit cards (as long as they have one of the credit card symbols on them).For credit card use, the cardholder must be present or written authorization for use of the card and identification must be provided.
• We DO NOT accept personal checks.
• We DO NOT make financial arrangements.
• Payment plan arrangements are not available. Our experience has shown us that once the crisis has passed so has the agreement to follow through on a payment plan.
•Payment must be made at time of your service.
There are limited funds available for financial assistance.

Pregnancy Termination

Are you considering terminating your pregnancy?

We are the best women clinic in Sunnyside, Pretoria and provide you with information about women’s health services such as the risks, methods-(both medical and surgical) and after care options available to you. There are different types of termination of pregnancy procedures, but the age of the pregnancy will determine the procedure to be used.Termination of pregnancy carries little or no risk if done by trained personnel.

Our Services are affordable:

  • 4 weeks-R1500
  • 6 weeks-R2000
  • 8 weeks-R2500
  • 10 weeks-R3000
  • 12 weeks-R3500
  • 14 weeks-R4000
  • 16 weeks-R4500
  • 22 weeks R6500

  • Insurance Coverage

    We are a participating provider with most insurance providers:                                                                                                                                                          
    • GEMS
    • SIZWE
    • BONTAS

    All other valid medical aids Insurance claims will be filed for you. Depending on your insurance coverage, we may request full or partial payment as determined by deductible and patient benefit policies.