Welcome to Green Cross Clinic! Professionals at your service.
Our clinic focuses on contraceptive means of family planning in Pretoria which most clinics would not be able to address. We provide counselling for patients with complicated medical and contraceptive needs. Our appointments are one-to-one consultation with a gynaecologist or a professional nurse which will help you decide on best contraception for you.


Green Cross Clinic is a leader in healthcare quality. Our team provides comprehensive and compassionate healthcare service. We honor individuality, empower people through open and honest ...communication and strive to earn the loyalty of every person we serve


Our mission is to inspire hope and make a vital contribution to good health and the well-being of patients throughout Africa by providing the best care to every single patient through integrated clinical practice... continuous education and a focus on superior service. In addition, we endeavour to provide a professional environment to enrich the quality of life for all and fulfill our civil and social responsibilities in the communities that we serve.

Our Values

Excellence in medical and surgical care
Serving patients as individuals and honoring their humanity